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Adobo be it chicken or pork is a dish favorite among Filipinos. It is very popular in Philippines, you can find it in every canteen or carinderia that sells Filipino foods. There are different ways to cook it but it is almost the same with the ingredients. Soy sauce,vinegar,onion, garlic and bay leaf. A dash of pepper and some laurel leaf. Like I said it is almost the same but I cooked it a little differently

First thing i do is heat the pan and put oil. then I add onion and ginger and chili. then I put the cut chicken saute it until it is brown. Then I put in soy sauce and vinegar and water. Add pepper and laurel leaf then simmer. Before it is cook I put a teaspoon of sugar making it spicy and a little sweet. Adding flavor to the adobo.

As ive said there are different ways to cook adobo i do it
differently. Maybe because if you cook it like this it will also be good as an appetizer for drinking beer especially if you cut the chicken a little bit smaller.

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