Cadets of

Cadets of

If you are interested to become a cadet on board domestic vessels then can help you. 
First things first you have to prepare all the necessary training's in order for you to be able to go on board. 

a) Seaman book
b) BT ( basic training)
c) Deck watch keeping for BSMT/ Engine watch keeping for BS Mar e
d) NBI
e) NSO (birth certificate)
f) TRB (training record book)
g) Journal
h) Medical with drug test
i) TOR ( Transcript of Records)
j) Resume 

if you lack one or any of these training's you can contact the number below for endorsement so that you can avail discounts from some training centers.

other training's 
a) Crowd and crisis management for Passenger vessel
b) BTOC for Tanker vessel

Domestic vessels like cargo, passenger, LCT      ( landing craft transport) and tankers are available.

Upon completion of all these documents you must also prepare certain amount for the processing fee.

Contact cp number 09053037023/09089665670 look for maam yna.

Here are some of the successful cadets that has helped.

Deck Cadet Dayday

Deck cadet Jaymark Pagtalunan

Deck Cadet Capadocia

Deck Cadet Justin Antonio

Deck cadet Vernice Sagayap

Engine Cadet Lepke Melliza

Deck Cadet MJ Duldulao

Deck Cadet Kevin Arnisto

Deck Cadet Edward Layson

Deck Cadet Samm Laudemer De Guzman

Engine Cadet Frank Anthony Macatantan

Engine Cadet Jimmy Cabrera

Deck Cadets Capadocia, Antonio and Pagtalunan before joining M/V Star Ferry in Bicol

Engine Cadet Jimmy Cabrera

Deck Cadet Vernice Sagayap on board M/V Therasian Star

Engine Cadet Layson

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