Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Saint Raymond of Penyafort

Saint Raymond of Penyafort
Priest 1175-1275

     Saint Raymond was born of noble family of Penyafort, Spain in 1175 of bright intelligence, he was already teaching Philosophy in Barcelona at age 20.
    At thirty, he obtained a doctorate in canon and civil law. In 1219 he was appointed archdeacon of Barcelona, proving himself a perfect model by his zeal, devotion, and generosity to the poor. Three years later, he entered the Dominicans and began laboring for the conversion of the Jews.
     Together with St. Peter Nolasco he founded the Order of Our Lady of Ransom , whose members were concerned with ransoming captives among Muslims. During this period he composed his work of canon law known as the Five Decretals. Pope Gregory IX chose him for his personal confessor, and the penance he always received was to answer all the petitions presented by the poor. In 1238 St. Raymond was elected Third Master General of the Dominicans. He visited his order on foot and installed into his spiritual children a love of regularity, studies, and the apostolate. He spent the rest of his life opposing heresy and working for the conversion of the Muslims in Spain. He died in 1275 at the age of one hundred.