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Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch Abbot 423-529

Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch
Abbot 423-529

        Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch was born in Garisus, Cappadocia in 423, he had a very pious parents whose example contributed much to his excelling knowledge of the scriptures. His stay in the Holy land exposed him more to different means of sanctification.
     Having chosen a solitary life, he settled in the dessert in Judah. His extraordinary piety reached the many hermits who were also living in the dessert and this bought many disciples to his place. He built a monastery of cathismus to house these disciples. Attached to the monastery were three hospitals; for the sick, for the aged, and for the insane. Saint Theodosius’s friend and compatriot Saint Sabbas was appointed head of all those living in the hermitages in Palestine and Saint Theodosius took charge of all living in the community. That’s the reason for the name of cenobiach which means head of persons living in common.
He was removed from cenobiach by Emperor Anastacius because he honestly defended church teaching and fought against heretical doctrine. However, he was recalled when Justinian became Emperor. Saint Theodosius assumed his duties as the overall head of those living in his community until his death in 529.

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