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Saint Severinus of Noricum

Saint Severinus of Noricum

Abbot 410-482

         Saint Severinus, Who preached and lived of great austerity, was born about 410 of a noble Roman family. He lived on ascetic life of penance. He wore only one tunic both in summer and winter, went barefoot, ate but once a day at sundown, and slept on a sack cloth spread out on the ground. He had a great love for both a completely contemplative life and his social mission among the Roman peoples of Noricum in Austria. After his stint as a monk in the east, he became a superior of different monasteries.
     His monks received an education that imbibed the great love for the poor, the sick, and the oppressed. Saint Severinus constantly preached penance and piety that led his monks and the people they also taught, to live lives of faith and virtue.
     Saint Severinus became famous for his prophecies that were confirmed and the miracles that he performed. He prophesized correctly the destruction of Astura in Austria at the hands of the Huns. He also helped Faviana, a city on the Danube, which was experiencing a horrible famine. He preached penance among his people and the ice of Danube cracked. For these he earned the fame of wonder worker. He died in his monastic cell at Favianae while singing Psalm 150. Six years after his death, his monks were driven from their abbey, and his body was taken to Italy, where it was at first kept in the Castel dell'Ovo, Naples, then eventually interred at the Benedictine monastery rededicated to him, the Abbey of San Severino near Naples. Severinus was the childhood guardian and spiritual father of St. Anthony the Hermit.

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