Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saint Sava Bishop 1175-1235

Saint Sava
 Bishop 1175-1235

Saint Sava was  born in 1176, joined the monastery of Mt. Athos  in 1191, became a bishop in 1219  and  Archbishop  in 1222 in Serbia, and died in 1235.
A descendant of a family of leadership and great responsibility, he was the younger son of Stephen I who founded the Nemanydes dynasty and the independent state of Serbia people, but unlike his father his concerns included secular and religious affairs.
Through his dedicated efforts and example, he mobilized the other monks in the pastoral and missionary work among the poor and abandoned. He was able to organize a stronger Christian Faith among the Serbians. Establishing Serbians Bishops contributed much to the more consolidated Christianity among his people. His participation in secular or non – religious affairs helps in the integration of the Serbian kingdom under his brother, King Stephen II. His life of holiness, commitment, and dedication ended on his death in 1235. 

Also venerated on this day is St. Felix, a priest and a martyr from Nola in Italy. He experienced brutal suffering during the persecution under Decius in 250. Many pray to him that they may be also have the strength to stand firm in defend in their faith. 

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