Thursday, August 24, 2017

Saint Peter Orseolo

Saint Peter Orseolo
Religious Man 928-987

          Saint Peter Orseolo was born 928 in Venice, Italy. He embraced a completely religious life after leading a multifaceted one.
     At the age of twenty he became the commander of the city’s fleet and he was able to clear his area from pirates who were victimizing their ships. Later, he was chosen as the new Doge to succeed Peter Candiani IV who was murdered. He was able to renew the fire raved city and bring back peace among its residents. He had a son by his wife of thirty-two years with whom he lived as celibate after the birth of their only child Peter.
     When decided to become a religious, he joined the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Michael at Cuxa in Roussillon on the border between France and Spain. He built a hermitage and after nine years of dedicated life of prayer and penance, he died in 987. Many miracles were reported to have happened at his tomb. Forty years later he was recognized as a saint by the local bishop as this was the custom for canonization in the church at the time.

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