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Saint Hilary Bishop and Doctor of the Church 315-367

  Saint Hilary
Bishop and Doctor of the Church 315-367

      Saint Hilary the leading Theologian of the 4th  Century, was born of a noble family at Poitiers, France in 315. He was brought up in idolatry, got married and had a daughter, Apra. At thirty he discovered the absurdity of polytheism and got convinced that there could only be one eternal God, the author of all things. He found an answer in search for truth in the Christian Scriptures that led him to conversion and baptism.
     Though a layman, he was chosen by the people to become Bishop of the Poitiers. He did all in his power to escape the promotion, but his humility only made the people more confident with their choice. Elected Bishop in 353, he distinguished himself by his stand against Arianism and became one of the most strenuous defenders of the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Exiled in 356 by Emperor Constantius because of his anti-arian efforts, he used the time to write his theological masterpiece, On the Trinity. He returned to Poitiers in 361 and continued to defend the Catholic faith until his death in 367. He was the mildest of men, affable to all; but he was steadfast against the enemies of the church.

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