Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saint Fursey Abbot 567-648

Saint Fursey
Abbot 567-648

St. Fursey led a life of dedication for God’s people, and St Bede’s Ecclesiastical History contains an article that talks about his zealous and unrelenting labor that made him one of the best – known Irish Saints in England and France.
He was born in Munster, Ireland in 567 and died near Paris in 648. He was buried at Peronne where many miracles were reported at his tomb. 
While a priest, he was imbued with a pioneering religious spirit. He travelled for 12 years throughout Ireland where he preached and established monasteries. He also went to England and France where he continued his mission of preaching and founding more monastic houses.
This great saint was favored with visions which he related to his followers and which are found in his book entitled Visions of Fursey. The book talks about the struggle between the forces of evil and the power of God and it also contains glimpses of heaven and hell.
Also remembered on this day is St. Marcellus, the pope on the last year of the religious persecution under Diocletian. A tyrant – Emperor, Maxentius, sent him onto exile when he refused to pardon the sinners who were not sorry for their misdeeds.

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