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Are we ready for Martial Law

Martial Law
Haunted by Shadow of the past

So what happened between February 1986—when millions of Filipinos from
all walks of life amassed at EDSA (Epifanio del los Santos Avenue),
prepared to lay down their lives in order to remove a hated,illegitimate, president who ruled with an iron fist and enrichedhimself and his cronies at the expense of the Filipino masses—and
today? Filipinos forgot!

For starters, more than half of the country’s population was not evenborn yet. And many of those born before 1986 were too young to
experience or understand the horrors of Marcos’ martial law regime. As a people we simply made it a point not to remember. And so we forgot.

Unlike other societies who make sure their people remember their past no matter how horrible, we Filipinos seem to want to sweep our Unpleasantries under the rug. We don’t want to talk about them or remember them. Unlike the Jews for example, who have made it a point
to insure that future generations understand exactly what their forefathers went through during the Holocaust. The state if Israel in fact makes sure that their citizens and the rest of the world never

This is where we Filipinos failed … more specifically; this is where the Philippine government failed. The horrors, abuses, and injustices
that happened during  Martial Law were never imparted to the youth. It was never made an integral part of the history taught in school.
Pinoys were simply left to form their own conclusions. In addition prosecution of the Marcoses and their cohorts was sloppy and haphazard
so that most of them never faced punishment.  Thus, over time, with alleged Marcos hidden wealth funding spin-doctors and propaganda, some
Pinoys started believing the lie that Marcos and Martial Law were actually good for the country.

From the Cory Aquino administration, all the way up to Noy-noy’s there was no systematic effort to educate the public about the horrors and
abuses of Martial Law, so now the country is reaping the bitter fruit of that failure.

But it is not too late. Regardless of where Marcos is eventually buried, it behooves us as a freedom-loving people to keep the spirit of EDSA alive and to make sure future generations clearly understand
that part of their history so that they can make sure it is never allowed to happen again.

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Martial Law was implemented by President Marcos because of the worsening situation that time. The communist together with the activists headed by Ninoy Aquino is trying to wreck havoc to the
economy of the Philippines. The Plaza Miranda bombing for example was an incident which was instigated by the communist but they accused the
Marcos administration instead. They should right the history, false information on Marcos regime was reported by bias media. 20 years in
power compared to the Aquino’s who for 30 years ransacked the Philippine budget. This false information that these media circulated
has been the basis of history which is wrongly reported thru bias story telling. Maybe the young generations understand that Marcos
regime although implemented the Martial Law had done a better job comparing to the accomplishments of the Aquino’s who grabbed the power
from Marcos.

 By simply putting in other perspective you will not be afraid of Martial Law if you are following the law. But if you insist on disobeying and try to fight the government then you will feel the full force of the law.

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