Friday, July 8, 2016

Human Rights for Drug Lords?

Human Rights for Drug Lords?

President Rodrigo Duterte known for his anti drugs campaign is making waves now barely a week acting as the 16th president of the Philippines. Drug pushers are on the run since last week because of the massive campaign against drug users and drug pushers. Announcing the names of the High ranking police officers who are involved in the drug trade has been in the news for several days now. The police and PDEA has been arresting and even gunning down pushers who resist arrest. The campaign on illegal drugs by the president has been his advocacy since he was still Mayor of Davao making Davao  a clean city, a city with the smallest crime rate under the leadership of then Mayor Duterte. In the campaign period prior to the presidential election Duterte promised to clean the country of drugs in 6 months, this made his critics raised their eyebrows questioning his ability on how to eliminate drug problems in just 6 months.

Death squads doing Summary executions of suspected drug pushers in Davao when He was still the Mayor has been rumored to be the arms of his advocacy. It is in His nature to act more and speak little. A trait that charmed the Filipino nation catapulting Duterte to the highest position of the land. 16 million Filipinos voted President Duterte hoping that change will come. And now that drastic measures are being made to ensure his promise will be fulfilled oppositions that include Senator Leila De Lima is opposing the executions citing Human Rights for the suspected drug lords.

"When it comes to anti-human rights policies I will definitely be an opposition, oppositionist and a fiscalizer," De Lima said in a press conference after being proclaimed as senator-elect.

De Lima, however, stressed that summary executions are illegal, inhumane and unconstitutional.

"Summary execution is murder. Summary execution is criminal," De Lima said

The nation now stands to see what will be the outcome of these events. Divided on the issue the Filipinos are weighing which is the best solution. Drugs is a tough problem, it is not easy to fight a multi million trade that involves high ranking officers.
In some countries drugs is a part of their economy, even in history after the world war where countries rely heavily in exporting drugs to maintain their economy. The fight on drugs is a fight that will need not only the government agencies but the whole nation as well. It is a cancer that slowly eats away the democracy of a country, slowly eating the future of the youth and corrupting their minds. It is a problem that will find its way up to the highest ranking officers of our country. 

SUMMARY EXECUTION OF DRUG LORDS? For me it is not an issue, violating  the rights of the few to save millions of lives is a bargain I am willing to take. But that is my opinion, others will have theirs differently. But then 16 million voted a man to make a change, now he is doing it, might as well support him.