Sunday, May 22, 2016

BongBong Marcos "Harnessing the power of Air"

Bongbong Marcos"Harnessing the power of Air"

The Northwind Bangui Bay Project is located at the municipality of Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Located at the north-west tip of Luzon island, the windmills face the sea from where the wind blows towards the land. Its location along the shore is optimal in removing windbreaks and has a terrain roughness of 0. 

The site is free of any trees and vegetation, and stretches approximately 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) long and 100 metres (330 ft) wide. The area is undeveloped and uninhabited making it ideal as a site and poses no threat to the environment.

One of the biggest problem that our country not only our country but of the whole world is the production of power. Oil as we know is slowly being depleted.  Sources of oil around the world are not abundant like before. We should find another source of energy that is not coming from the products of oil. One of which is the wind turbine that uses wind to produce power.

That wind power is one of the reason I believe why Bong bong Marcos  should be elected. Just like the geothermal energy that uses current to produce power which was made under his father”s regime the wind turbine is the future for power sources. I think our leaders should focus and invest in these projects. They should know the outcome once our oil is depleted.  Not to mention the savings that the government and consumers get from these project. So let us think twice who among our leaders need to have a second chance to serve us. After all we are the once who will be affected most.