Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How did BBM solved the power crisis?

Senator Bong Bong Marcos

Solving the Power Crisis

Bangui wind turbine
How it Started?

In the 1990s former Governor Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. aggressively pursued the development of a power plant in Ilocos Norte due to the poor quality of power provided by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).  Ilocos Norte is located at the end of the power grid that comes from Bauang, La Union which is a province away from Ilocos Norte, making the province most vulnerable to power outages. Poor quality of power discouraged investments in the province.

 How it works?

 Each wind turbine is capable of producing electricity up to a maximum capacity of 1.65MW, totaling to 24.75MW in all. They have three vertically oriented rotor blades on top of a 50m-high tubular tower. he wind turbines capture wind energy and transformed by electrical generators to be transformed into usable energy. The NorthWind Bangui Bay Project produces a total of 74,482MWh of electricity annually


Anti Air Pollution

The Northwind Bangui Bay Project approximates that 56,788tCO2e (tons of carbon dioxide equivalent) of Greenhouse Gases will be reduced per year for the duration of the project activity

Consumer Friendly

In 2006, the project produced a 5% discount of the weighted average price in the wholesale electricity spot market (WESM) or a generated savings of approximately USD1.4 million (PhP 70 million)

Who Started the Bangui Windmills?

Senator Bong  Bong Marcos started the Bangui windmills solving the power problem in Ilocos Norte. The technology that was used in this particular project was advance and was also used in Denmark. Generating power by harnessing the power of the wind is a big step towards solving the oil crisis problem. Oil as we all know is depleted and other sources of power should be tap in order to sustain our way of life. Another problem in using oil is pollution. Pollution in our environment, water and air. Not to mention the effects of oil in our ozone layer, that includes the  greenhouse effect and climate change.

We should find a leader who could think and act to answer the problem on oil. Former President Marcos has the Geothermal energy then.

 Just like his father Bong bong Marcos initiated  the Bangui windmills, both are power saver , consumer friendly and anti-pollution. How much money can we save from these technologies? How many lives can it save from pollution? And this technology contributes to the saving of ozone layer.
As I have said we need a leader like Bong Bong Marcos. We need someone who has the initiative to solve our future problems. We need someone who has the ability to make our country stand again. We need a leader who will steer us to economic growth. We need Bong Bong to continue this kinds of project that will help our economy rise again.