Friday, April 15, 2016

Senator Bong Bong Marcos. Philippines chance for recognition

President Ferdinand Marcos created the Light Rail Transit Authority on July12, 1980 by virtue of executive order No, 603 giving birth to what was then dubbed the "Metrorail". First Lady Imelda Marcos, then governor of Metro Manila and Minister of Human Settlement became its first Chairman.

On july 20, 1980 Ferdinand Marcos created the Light Rail Transit Authority as a government agency. Its first chairman was former First Lady Imelda Marcos. The LRTA confined it's activities to determining policies, to the regulation and fixing of fares and to the planning of the extension of the system. The project was called "Metrorail"and was operated by a sister company of the former tramway company Meralco, called Metro Inc.

 All The Following MRT And LRT2 Is Just Copycat Of The Original Plan By Ferdinand Marcos. Many Filipinos Does Not Know That LRT Was A Project By The Marcos Regime. The Philippines Was A Country To Reckon That Time, Emerging As More Advance When It Comes To Technology And Agriculture. Many Of Us Doesn't Realize That At One Time Our Country Was Looked Upon By Neighboring Asian Countries. Maybe It Will Take Time For Filipinos To Achieve That Recognition Again. Maybe It Will Need Another Marcos To Begin That Journey. And Maybe We Should Start Now By Giving Bong Bong Marcos A Chance.

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